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Join The Fit Club

Our goal is to create a Virtual Fit Club Community that supports one another on the Journey to achieve a fit lifestyle.

  • Workout with friends anywhere in the world

  • Workouts with Group Trainers 

  • Access to your own Virtual Trainers

  • Meal plans and resources to meet specific nutritional needs.

  • Coaches to help you stay accountable

  • Challenges to keep you reach higher towards your goals

  • Fun community!

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645 Sample Workout

Sample A Brand new program. (hosted by an official independent Team Beachbody coach)

Step into your Virtual Fit Gym with Super Trainer Amoila Ceasar


645 is 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day, for 13 weeks. This total-body resistance training and cardio program is simple, powerful training without complicated moves. Next-level, detailed, instructional cues from Super Trainer Amoila Cesar can put you in the peak performance zone, and make it easy to unlock the right way to do every move, so you get the best possible results from every workout.

Free Workouts you can do on ZOOMFITCLUB

Register Today to get a catalog of free workout programming and resources to get the most out of ZOOM FIT CLUB




ZOOM IN and do your own workout of choice. Your Fit Club partners will be able to see each other and cheer one another on for added accountability and inspiration to push harder!

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